Monday, December 29, 2008

Madoff fallout

Mr. Madoff, as we already know, might have ran a criminal enterprise. I don't believe, though, that he started his fund in the 60's having a Ponzi scheme in mind. It's just when the things started to get bad, he wanted to keep up the play.
What is interesting, though, that people were lining up to give him their money without questioning his investment strategy. It was the "in" thing, only for well-connected. On the other side, however, Mr. Madoff was almost as Alan Greenspan as far as his reputation ( before the collapse, of course) and credentials were concerned-who could possibly question him? This is what we called "eminence-based practice"!

Yet another confirmation of the fact that few financial advisers keep their clients' interest at heart. The issue is that of financial education. Yet again!
I wonder how many doctors were among Mr. Madoff's unfortunate investors....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What we thought we know about financial safe haven

There's an interesting article on about municipal bond funds once considered to be a safe haven for people who don't want to take too much risk and yet enjoy tax-free dividends. Municipal bonds once were this safe haven, benefiting people in higher tax brackets(doctors?)
No more, no more... Munis took a whopping hit- 30% decline this year.

Safe heaven... Does one truly exist these days?