Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MBA for doctors, part 2

So I'm now well into my 2nd year of the MBA experience. So far, so good, the trouble is that I cannot really imagine what the experience would be had I've been at some renowned school, like Kellog or Wharton.
But the courses are useful- Corp. Finance was the most interesting, and before that -Management was very useful in practical sense ( since now my position is somewhat managerial; I will try to write on the art of managing people some other time).
So far, my understanding of how bonds/stocks are valued improved quite a bit. However, I don't think it will have any influence on how my retirement money are invested. My notion of passive, low-cost investing was strenghthened by seeing just how much time and effort a dilligent professional investor must spend to find suitable investments, and often she or he still picks a loser!