Thursday, September 29, 2011

MBA for doctors

Like I said in my previous post, I enrolled into executive MBA a little over a year ago.
Good things:
1.they didn't ask me to take GMAT ( I would've failed miserably),
2.the tuition is not atrocious since it's a relatively obscure albeit real, as opposed to online, school of business ( consider this- the renowned schools like Kellogg and NYU ask for about 120k/2 yrs...)
3. The pace is not frenetic
4. There are several "concentrations", including Marketing, Health Care Administration, and Finance.
5. I'm in "fast track", 48-credit, program

The bad things:
1. You get what you paid for. Sometimes I feel I know more than a certain professor.
2. The new style teaching means asking your students to buy a particular textbook, and then in class use the PowerPoint slides from the same publisher, with identical color scheme and content. Good for teachers- in such case, no need to prepare for the class. Bad for students since the class doesn't add anything beyond a textbook material.
3. Too much reliance on group assignments.

Now, for the reasons to do an MBA... Probably in a different post.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 year later

Not writing for more than a year deserves serious "splaining". Well, there you have it: I change my old place of employ, having moved a bit up on a food chain.
Also, enrolled in one of those executive MBA programs. Not sure what to select for a concentration, but for a time being thinking of Finance.
And tried to wage an unsuccessful attempt for a change with fringe benefit committee at my new place, failing miserably to show them that they're getting ripped-off with those enormous 401k agent fees.
Also read some good books, one of them by John Bogle "Don't count on it!"