Thursday, April 24, 2008

Food and doctors

One of the major money wastes that I encounter in everyday life is related to food: I don't see too many hospital workers, including doctors, bothering themselves by bringing luch to work. Even as simple as having breakfast at home is too big of a deal, it seems.
Most of my coworkers drink coffee bought from the hospital cafeteria, which is a branch of a nation-wide of above-the-average(in terms of prices) fast food chain. Also most of them order breakfasts and lunches from the take-out places.
The daily expenditures for this can easily amount to $10-15 a day ( $3 for breakfast, and at least $7 for lunch, and a cup or two of coffee in between).
NPR today had a nice program about teaching doctors to cook healthy meals in less than 20minutes, titled" Doctors Get a Crash Course in Healthful Cooking"

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