Thursday, June 19, 2008

Breakfast: go out or eat at home?

We liked to go out for breakfast: there is something in it that going out to, say, dinner doesn't have. The atmosphere of the breakfast places, their pace and the crowd is quite different from any other setting. We usually ordered some muffins or pancakes or eggs-just typical breakfast food, nothing fancy. The total bill for us amounted to something like $12-14. Recently, I've gotten into a habit of making our weekend breakfasts at home. I got the whole grain pancake mix from Trader Joe's (cost $2.29) and Betty Crocker muffin mix( cost $3.00) from Target.

By using 1/3 of the pack of a pancake mix, I produced 10 medium-sized, fluffy and (at least to me!) delicious pancakes enough for a full breakfast. That's 76 cents for a family breakfast! Now, the recipe called for 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 2 eggs, that add to overall cost, depending on your local costs of eggs. Then syrup- how much is for 2 tablespoons?Coffee, too, but home -made coffee cost much, much less than any cheapest prepared coffee. I estimate the price of home-brewed coffee to be anywhere from 10 to 20 cents a cup( for the most expensive brands like Kona) So overall cost of such breakfast is probably less than 2 dollars for a small family, 6 times less than at breakfast place. Probably more delicious, because you use high quality products (incl. coffee) Time investment: 15 minutes.

Now, for muffins:(that's for another day, since you'll be too full from pancakes) the whole pack would yield 12 medium sized muffins- again, very yummy.

So, at the end, the cost savings, if not grandiose in absolute terms, are enormous percentage wise.

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