Tuesday, July 22, 2008

End of conspicuous consumption?

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this article about people becoming frugal all of a sudden. There was even a mention of a Great Depression mentality of extreme frugality (rhyme unintended)

People trying to get rid of their gas-guzzlers. Discounters see brisk business. Bicycling to work. Will we see the death of conspicuous consumption and see the dawn of ...living within one's means( and maybe even below those means)?
It was 30 years overdue but better late than never.


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Matt said...

I agree that a return to more rational living is long overdue. But what does that mean for the living standards of doctors? Needless to say, many docs are already pretty squeezed these days, and the excessive healthcare spending is going to get reigned in sooner or later. That's why there's so much doctor retirement planning and investment reevaluation going on these days. There's already talk of a shortage of doctors, but it's going to get worse folks.

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I agree you that the time is long overdue to put an end to the senseless life of squander.