Thursday, September 18, 2008

Market troubles. What next?

After recent tumultuous days of bankruptcies, forced sales, mergers and nationalizations I have 2 questions: first, what does this all mean for a long term market outlook (this is a question from an amateur investor in me), and, second, is it possible that health insurance companies are facing the same grim prospective as their cousin AIG?
I suspect that the answer to my first question is that , eventually (maybe after years of trouble and stagnant growth) market will rectify itself. Then again, after so much governmental intervention, would government play a much, much larger role in the market?
Now, the second question: is it possible that at least some health insurance companies which had a misfortune of investing their collected premiums into anything that is mortgage-related are also on the brink of insolvency? Would then they be bailed out, effectively bringing us to a one-payer model? And what would that mean for doctors?

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