Tuesday, July 6, 2010

401k pains, part 1.

Now, what I wanted to write about for a long while but didn't have time to do:the 401k for those lucky (or unlucky) enough to have one (unlucky because it usually means working for a paycheck).
Anyways, I was once ( in a very recent past) a member of the fringe benefits committee for our small group. As it turned out, you always need a broker between you (i.e. , doctors' group) and a 401k provider ( Vanguard, T.Rowe Price, Principal etc.). Always. Now, this broker (obviously!) has to be paid, even though he/she doesn't do ANYTHING for your group other than being on record.
As it turned out, our broker did not produce a single piece of paper or a statement or a letter or a recommendation to add or drop a mutual fund in 10 years of being our broker, all the while being paid $70,000/yr.
Once we discovered it, they were immediately fired while a new group recruited. Bye-bye $ 700,000....

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