Friday, August 20, 2010

Living happily... and simply?

There was a good article in NY Times today about people discovering their true happiness through simple living and spending most of their money on what makes THEM happy.
As in my previous post about "liquid life", it seems that the tide has turned and more and more people discover that "stuff" doesn't make them happy.
The whole notion, once a very underground and "subculture" type is now getting traction in such well-know publications as NYT. Corporate America is also taking notice and is adapting their sell pitches accordingly.
The only "stuff" that might contribute to your happiness is actually sports equipment - golf clubs ( I don't play golf, but I do know Costco sells them!), fishing rods and surf boards (can get one used for not so much money). What really makes us happy is money spent on our experiences, be it around the world tour or a backyard "staycation"
What I hope will start happening to us is that we start asking ourselves this trivial, but hard-to-really-answer question "what truly makes me happy?". For a lot of us, it will be "vacation".
So what's a point of getting that shiny Bimmer and paying for it through the nose?

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