Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Salaried position vs. your own business

The deeper I am into my MBA course, the clearer I understand for myself that starting and running a business is... well, a serious business ( I am waiting for those "doh"s..)
No, seriously, if , in perfect or near-perfect competition all you can count on is so called "normal" profit (by definition, it's enough profit to attract capital investment to your business), i.e. NO economic (that is, real in lay terms) profit, all this means to you is that you're just trying to keep your business running without slipping way into the red/bankruptcy etc.
That's it. (and, by the way, that's most small- and medium-size businesses, incl. doctor's practices). And all this comes at a great expense in terms of time/effort investments. ( and, obviously, money). It's a rat race , too, just a different kind. ( and I skip all this silliness about "being your own boss" because you are always under some sort of constraint- most of the time, financial, so it's not like you can do whatever you feel like). Becoming a near-monopolist (FedEx or UPS) has a bit of an entry barrier, like $2 bln.
So one needs to be truly passionate about it to start it and continue doing it.
On the other hand, if you have what you think is a brilliant idea (Facebook?), I would probably just go for it. Because I see it as one of the few (if not only) chances of making it big.
So... what do you think?


Tarek Awad said...


I am preparing for the GMAT now and I am planning to join MBA programe in top 100 B-school. My background is dentistry but I feel more to business, I finished my dental school in Egypt, upon my graduation I had a start-up business.

Do you think that MBA will put me in good business level?

Do you think that it would be easy for me to find a job?

Thanks you

Docblogger said...

It all depends on what your goals and objectives are in your career:
if you'll be running your own business( I never did, so cannot speak from experience), I would think it should definitively help in terms of your understanding the operations/managemnet part of it.
Now, if you're employed, it would help you climb the managerial ladder quicker.
All told, the MBA should help, esp. the one from a good school
Good luck.