Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Building wealth part 4: educate thyself, part 3

Now, since the stock market is the way to go if I was to achieve my goal of being financially independent, while learning basics of investing, i came across the book of renowned John Bogle ( I quoted him and provided a link to his interview in one of my previous posts) called The Little Book of Commonsense Investing. The first most interesting thing I learned is that, per John Bogle, it's close to impossible to control your rate of return on your investments, since you can't control the market. But what you CAN do is to control your expenses, that is, the expense ratios of your mutual funds, if you have them, brokers' commissions, annual custodial fees for IRA's etc.
That made sense to me since if fell into this frugality category, which can bring substantial benefits whether you're investing or simply saving.
So I embarked on the search for minimum expenditures while investing, which I'll try to describe in my next posts.

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